Development of an Electron-Beam-Excited Plasma SNMS SNART. (2)

James W. BRADLEY, Shigeki KATO
1993 Shinku  
We report on the further development of a sputtered neutral mass spectrometer known as SNART (sputtered neutral analysis-RIKEN type) which has been developed to provide a means for quantitative analysis of bulk or surface compositions of both insulating and conducting materials. In this system both high sputter-etch rates (few nm/s) at low bombarding energy (about 100 eV) and high postionization probabilities (20%) are achievable using a dense (1013 cm-3) magnetically confined argon plasma
more » ... d argon plasma discharge driven by a low-energy electron beam (100 eV) with typical beam current of 1-2 A. SNART has potential for high detection sensitivity and capability for both insulator analysis without a charge neutralizer and high depth resolution with quick analysis. The relative sensitivity factors for trace elements in both conducting and insulating samples at standard operating conditions have been determined and the machine performance as a function of the operating conditions investigated.
doi:10.3131/jvsj.36.266 fatcat:62souiqlszbuhaalxnxvrqh5da