Aditya Pratap
2016 International Journal of Pharmacy & Technology   unpublished
Drowning is a major global injury problem and is the second leading cause of unintentional injury death after road traffic injuries. As a result, many inventions to prevent drowning and to rescue drowning victims have been made over the years. The recent trends make the prevention easy by detecting the heartbeat. The proposed system is very helpful for saving the life of a person drowning in the water. The system is informing the heartbeat rate of any person in the water to the lifeguard. It
more » ... l monitor the heart rate. It will then be transmitted using ZigBee coordinator. The transmission range is around 500-600 meters and the transmission range under water is around 2-4 meters. The receiver circuit is with the lifeguard to inform about the person's heart beat rate, while the transmitting circuit is with the person in the water. The components of this device informs about the heartbeat of the person due to the heartbeat sensor. An LED light and a buzzer are also arranged to the receiver circuit, which turned ON when a person's heartbeat level fastens or becomes too low. Thus this system helps to inform the lifeguard as soon as the heartbeat level is not within the limit and thus can save life of the person drowning in the water. Introduction: