Development of a web-based laboratory for control experiments on a coupled tank apparatus

C.C. Ko, B.M. Chen, Jianping Chen, Y. Zhuang, K. Chen Tan
2001 IEEE Transactions on Education  
The Internet provides an environment for developing several kinds of applications for educational purposes. This paper presents the implementation of a web-based laboratory experiment on a Coupled Tank Apparatus, a MIMO (Multi-Input Multi-Output) system. The web-based laboratory has been developed to serve undergraduate students and academic research staff in the Department of Electrical Engineering at NUS (National University of Singapore). It serves as an educational tool for teaching
more » ... or teaching students the basic principles and methodology adopted in performing a series of experiments on a coupled tank apparatus. It also enables students to perform experiments at any time and from any location through the Internet. Additionally, it provides a platform for research staff to test control algorithms. The control strategies adopted include manual control, PID control, general state-space control and fuzzy logic control. The implementation uses video conferencing to provide audio and video feedback to the user, on the actual happenings in the laboratory and also allows the user to control the zoom and viewing angle of the video. This web-based remote laboratory can be accessed at
doi:10.1109/13.912713 fatcat:2hzucu6z5nhszhxai2bryi3ena