Suppression of RNA synthesis by a specific antiviral activity in Sindbis virus-infected Aedes albopictus cells

L D Condreay, D T Brown
1988 Journal of Virology  
An antiviral protein is released by mosquito cells persistently infected with Sindbis virus. Differences in both sensitivity to and production of this virus-specific activity were apparent in three independently produced Aedes albopictus cell lines. This activity inhibits total viral RNA synthesis in a time-dependent manner. The antiviral effect is maximally realized when cells are treated with the activity 48 h before infection. These data suggest that the antiviral activity induces an
more » ... induces an antiviral state in treated cells which prevents the formation or efficient function of viral RNA-synthesizing complexes.
doi:10.1128/jvi.62.1.346-348.1988 fatcat:dqgkrf3ac5gcraeyz57ryizzsu