Aseptic Midwifery: A Correction

1898 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
LETTERS, NOTES, ETC. [bluo=' 1535 which holds a villa at St. Moritz, where patients are also admitted at Fr.5 a day. Apply to the Hon. Treasurer, Mr. H. H. Nelson, Springfield House, South Godstone, Surrey, for full particulars. Rail fare (return), second class, to St. Moritz, about £12; ditto to Davos somewhat less. HOME FOR CRIPPLE. W.R.Y.I. desires to hear of a home for a cripple who could afford to pay a very small sum (6s. 6d. per week) towards his maintenance. Is there such an institution
more » ... in the vicinity of Chester ? *** The Turner Memorial HIome near Liverpool receives males who are incapacitated for work. The inmates pay 7S. 6d. per week. Full particulars can be obtained from the Matron, Turner Memorial, Home of Rest, The Dingle, Liverpool. ANSVWECR. R. T. 'M.-We are informed that this matter is being considered by the Medical Defence Union with a view to prosecution. BEUCHCROFT.-An undescended testicle is not a bar to a youth being passed for the army unless it lies in the canal or is associated with any tendency to hernia. An operation would correct either of these conditions. O.-We know of no such instrument, and imagine that our correspondent's patient must have made some mistake, like the patient who said that the thermometer in his mouth " did him a power of good." GOLD CURE.-We have no knowledge of the composition of the injection, but various medical practitioners who claim to have had personal experience with other ' gold cures " have, in American medical journals, stated that apomorphine was the drug employed. NOTES. S. E$.
doi:10.1136/bmj.2.1976.1535 fatcat:qlalnwbnfncefialqgwbckbzpe