Research on fire prevention and extinguishing technology in underhand working face of easy spontaneous combustion coal seam

Xueli Liu, Jijun You
2020 IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering  
The management of fire prevention and extinguishing in goaf becomes a major problem due to short spontaneous combustion period, poor roof caving conditions, large air leakage in goaf and difficulties for grouting. Oxygen consumption rate and the productivity of carbon monoxide are measured through the XK-Ⅵ spontaneous combustion test-bed, while prediction index gas for spontaneous combustion of the coal is obtained. Through the engineering practice test, the range of the gob "triple-zone" under
more » ... the condition of nitrogen injection is acquired. Take 113101 working face of Bojianghaizi coal mine as an example. The method for detecting the fire prevention effect is to inject nitrogen into the goaf, supplemented by measures such as forced anchoring in the intake and return wind lane, constructed of the sandbags separation wall, and embedded the beam tube through the goaf. The volume fraction of carbon monoxide in the return corner and the R2 value are used as predictors of fire prevention. Engineering practice test shows that there is no danger of spontaneous combustion in the working face when the volume fraction of carbon monoxide in the return corner is less than 200*10 -6 and the value of R2 is less than 0.2. The process has reference significance for the fire prevention management of the Bojianghaizi Mine and other similar conditions.
doi:10.1088/1757-899x/729/1/012013 fatcat:7y2girhpvnd2jggjo6qdrgo5ea