Albańskie odczasownikowe derywaty przymiotnikowe

Artur Karasiński
2015 Slavia Meridionalis  
Albanian adjective derivatives derived from verbsThe aim of this article is the analysis of the Albanian adjective derivatives which are derived from verbs. The main assumption made by the author is the existence of structural isomorphism (parallelism in language elements system in which structuring of one level parallels or is made to parallel that of another) between the structure of the derivative and the structure of the sentence. The proposed model of the analysis is directed from content
more » ... o form. All examined adjective derivatives derived from verbs are being analyzed with their noun context which displays their semantic structure. Nominal phrases containing adjective derivatives are interpreted as the representation of predicate–argument structures. The kind of relation between defined noun and derivational base of the adjective is a criterion of the division of Albanian adjective derivatives derived from verbs. These main types of relations are:relation in which the base of an adjective represents basic predicate;relation in which the base of an adjective represents additional predicate.Classes which are the results of the main division are the subject to detailed description.
doi:10.11649/sm.2010.010 fatcat:wgzjt6h5gre2vmsx266kksqd2y