Experimental Study on Combined Effect of Micro Glass Powder and Silica Fume on Mechanical Properties of Standard OPC Concrete

R Kumar, S Narayana, T Naresh Kumar
Ordinary Portland cement is the most common type of cement used in the concrete due to its versatile properties like binding, accepting many waste materials as supplementary or partial replacement materials etc and plays an important role in the production of concrete. The production of OPC causes harmful gases emissions into the atmosphere, One tonne of production of OPC consume about 1.5 tonnes of natural resources apart from abatement of 1.0 tonne of CO 2 to atmosphere. Many supplementary
more » ... ny supplementary materials have been used in micro form as partial replacement of cement. Recently , the studies on usage of combinations of waste material or supplementary cementing materials in concrete has gained so much of importance for the improvement of the properties of concrete. In the present investigation on attempt is made to find the combined effect of micro glass powder and silica fume as partial replacement of cement in standard OPC concrete. The workability and strength of M 40 grade of concrete at 0.35 water binder ratio are investigated using super plasticizer. The results reveal that the combination of 15% micro glass powder and 5% silica fume has the greatest effect and improved the compressive and tensile strength of concrete compared to the other combinations.