Mitigation of Power Quality Problems in Distribution Generation System Using DSTATCOM

Pendyala Ravindar, Naveen Kumar, D Tech, Gajjeli Rajesh
Power quality is an occurrence manifested as a nonstandard voltage, current or frequency that results in a failure of end use equipment's. In order to maintain the power system quality the DSTATCOM will absorb and provide reactive power to mitigate voltage sag, swell, interruption and improve power factor in various conditions. The proposed scheme exhibits several advantages compared to traditional voltage-controlled DSTATCOM where the reference voltage is arbitrarily... This scheme allows
more » ... scheme allows DSTATCOM to tackle power-quality issues by providing power factor correction, harmonic elimination, load balancing, and voltage regulation based on the load requirement The compensator injects lower currents and, therefore, reduces losses in the feeder and voltage-source inverter... The performance of DSTATCOM is found satisfactory under time varying and unbalanced loads. Its performance is simulated in the MATLAB environment using SIMULINK and Sim Power System (SPS) toolboxes