Pseudogap and Short-Range Antiferromagnetic Correlation Controlled Fermi Surface in Underdoped Cuprates: From Fermi Arc to Electron Pocket

Takao Morinari
2009 Journal of the Physical Society of Japan  
Motivated by recent quantum oscillation observations in the underdoped high-temperature superconductors, the effect of the short-range antiferromagnetic correlations on the electronic properties of the short-ranged d-density wave state is investigated. At intermediate d-density wave correlations, the cross section of the energy dispersion at the Fermi energy consists of hole pockets and an electron pocket. It is argued that the electron pocket feature is smeared out by the effect of the
more » ... nge antiferromagnetic correlation, which could be the reason why any electron pockets have never been observed in the angle resolved photoemission experiments. The Hall resistance is calculated for the system with the electron band and the hole band using a finite temperature formula assuming Dirac fermion spectrum for the latter. It is argued that the scattering effect in the hole band should be anomalously large or much suppressed by superconductivity correlations and/or vortex contributions to explain the recent quantum oscillation observations.
doi:10.1143/jpsj.78.054708 fatcat:5janofqaa5e6hok6xl5tvxghs4