The double Burgers model of fractured rock masses considering creep fracture damage

Yanlin Zhao, Qiang Liu, Liming Tang, Senlin Xie
2019 Journal of Vibroengineering  
Creep fracture of rock cracks is responsible for the creep failure of fractured rock masses. To capture creep fracture behaviors of fractured rock, we investigated the time-dependent characteristics of the rock crack propagation. The theoretical analysis shows that, similar to the rock creep process, the creep fracture of rock cracks includes the attenuation and steady creep stages. In addition, we established an equivalent Burgers model for creep fracture of rock cracks by introducing the
more » ... alent stress and proposed a double Burgers model to study creep behaviors of fractured rock masses. Moreover, the proposed double Burgers model was embedding into FLAC3D, using FISH function. The numerical simulations on the specimens, containing ordered and random cracks, show that the creep fracture is responsible for the creep damage of fractured rock masses; moreover, the lateral creep damage is larger than the axial creep damage.
doi:10.21595/jve.2019.20304 fatcat:ewejiol7h5dpha5qflihs53h7i