Remove regular noise from gray digital images using spatial filters

Alhan Al-Saffar
2014 Journal of education and science  
Noise is any undesired information that contaminates an image. Noise appears in images from a variety of sources such as errors in transmission data or camera, etc.In typical images the noise can be modeled with either a Gaussian, salt-andpepper, or uniform distribution, Image filtering is a technique to preserve important image elements such as edges, smoothing the details of the images to make images appear clear and sharpener. in proposed work, a simple, fast technique is given to remove
more » ... given to remove Gaussian noise with (different values) of an gray image by using some spatial filters such as: Arithmetic Mean Filter, Geometric Mean filter, and Harmonic Mean filter. Matlab system 7.0 is used to programmed this research.
doi:10.33899/edusj.2014.162140 fatcat:3cags4tzmjdbbd4jzjfvlh4mpa