OsMYB511 encodes a MYB domain transcription activator early regulated by abiotic stress in rice

P. Huang, H. Chen, R. Mu, X. Yuan, H.S. Zhang, J. Huang
2015 Genetics and Molecular Research  
The MYB-domain proteins exist universally across diverse organisms and regulate numerous processes during the plant life cycle. In the present research, a full-length MYB gene OsMYB511 was identified from rice seedlings through microarray data. Induction of OsMYB511 by cold stress was dramatic in japonica cultivar Jiucaiqing as compared to indica IR26. In addition to cold, OsMYB511 was also markedly induced by osmotic stress, high temperature, and exogenous ABA, suggesting that OsMYB511 is a
more » ... tiple-stress responsive gene in rice. Tissue-specific expression analysis indicated that OsMYB511 was highly expressed in rice panicles at earlier development stage. Interestingly, OsMYB511 expression is fully subjected to circadian rhythm regulation. The subcellular localization and yeast hybrid assay suggested that OsMYB511 is nucleus-localized transcription activator. Deletion analysis suggested that trans-activation activity of OsMYB511 relied on its C-terminus. Co-expression analysis revealed additional 2 MYB genes co-expressed with OsMYB511, implying that these MYB genes might coordinately regulate stress responses in rice.
doi:10.4238/2015.august.14.14 pmid:26345884 fatcat:bqr4lbno5fa37futowgqqcbsou