A review of biocompatibility of zirconia: In vitro experiment

Da-Won Suh, Young-Kyun Kim, Yang-Jin Yi
2018 The Journal of Korean Academy of Prosthodontics  
Increasing demands for zirconia material in clinics, assessment of biocompatibility of zirconia is essential. In this article, a review of in vitro studies of zirconia compatibility was performed. Zirconia showed great biocompatibility at in vitro studies with various cell lines such as fibroblasts, osteoblasts, and lymphocytes. Many studies reported that zirconia caused no cytotoxicity or mutation. Zirconia also showed less bacterial adhesion. There were no adverse effects except for small
more » ... xcept for small reduced strength with in vitro study mimicking long-term exposure of body fluid. According to the study with ostoblast-like cells, zirconia could regulate genes of immunity, molecular transport, and cell cycle. Such gene regulating was considered as one of the reasons of zirconia biocompatibility. With biocompatibility of zirconia powders, in vitro studies had controversial conclusions. It seems that zirconia powders might have cytotoxicity. (J Korean Acad Prosthodont 2018;56:391-5)
doi:10.4047/jkap.2018.56.4.391 fatcat:knjt2xx5bvcapbvcn2557xu5au