Increased expression of the estrogen receptor alpha, ESR1, in the tumors of breast cancer patients treated with trastuzumab [post]

Shahan Mamoor
2020 unpublished
Hormones function as growth factors, and estrogen provides growth signals to support and induce the proliferation of breast cancers (1-3). This is the basis of the use of endocrine therapies (4, 5) including tamoxifen and letrozole as first-line treatment for patients with breast cancer. We found that the estrogen receptor α (ESR1) was among the genes most differentially expressed in the primary tumors of patients with breast cancer treated with trastuzumab. However, estrogen receptor α was
more » ... essed at higher rather than lower levels in trastuzumab-treated patients. These data, obtained through blind, systems-level analysis of published microarray data (6-8), suggest that trastuzumab administration in patients with breast cancer is associated with transcriptional induction of the estrogen receptor.
doi:10.31219/ fatcat:yaz5vsdkorgsbac3w2urr2ma24