Inhibitory Effect of Zostera japonica on Growth of Human Cancer Cells
애기거머리말 추출물의 암세포 성장 억제효과

Myung Eun Jung, Joo Wan Hong, Jung Im Lee, Chang-Suk Kong, Jae-Soo Chang, Youngwan Seo
2012 Ocean and Polar Research  
In this study, crude extracts of the marine eelgrass Zostera japonica and their solvent-partitioned fractions were evaluated for their inhibitory effect against AGS, HT-1080 and MCF-7 human cancer cells using MTT assay. Each of the crude extracts (acetone/methylene, chloride, and methanol) of Z. japonica showed a significant inhibitory effect on the growth of human cancer cells. The combined crude extracts were partitioned between CH 2 Cl 2 and water. The organic layer was further partitioned
more » ... rther partitioned between 85% aq. MeOH and n-hexane, and the aqueous layer was then fractionated into n-BuOH and H 2 O, successively. Growth inhibition effects of solvent-partitioned fractions from Z. japonica on human cancer cells increased in a dose-dependent manner. Among these tested samples, the 85% aq. MeOH fraction revealed good inhibitory effects on the growth of AGS and HT-1080 human cancer cells, while the n-hexane fraction exhibited good inhibitory effects on the growth of AGS and MCF-7 human cancer cells. In addition, 85% aq. MeOH and n-hexane fractions enhanced mRNA expression of p53 gene. These results suggest that there is further scope for the isolation of active compounds from Z. japonica, which should show much stronger anticancer activity.
doi:10.4217/opr.2012.34.4.385 fatcat:4lhq2arrvncuzpybktrfvui22u