HoloBar: Rapid Command Execution for Head-Worn AR Exploiting Around the Field-of-View Interaction

Houssem Saidi, Emmanuel Dubois, Marcos Serrano
2021 Proceedings of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems  
Figure 1 : A) By default, the HoloBar is not displayed; B) as soon as the user lifts up the smartphone (SP) inside the activation zone, the HoloBar is displayed and a top-level item is selected; C) the user can select other top-level items by translating the SP under the HoloBar, while second-level items are previewed on the SP. Finally, touching an item on the SP selects and validates the command. ABSTRACT Inefficient menu interfaces lead to system and application commands being tedious to
more » ... ute in Immersive Environments. HoloBar is a novel approach to ease the interaction with multi-level menus in immersive environments: with HoloBar, the hierarchical menu splits between the field of view (FoV) of the Head Mounted Display and the smartphone (SP). Command execution is based on around-the-FoV interaction with the SP, and touch input on the SP display. The HoloBar offers a unique combination of features, namely rapid mid-air activation, implicit selection of top-level items and preview of second-level items on the SP, ensuring rapid access to commands. In a first study we validate its activation method, which consists in bringing the SP within an activation distance from the FoV. In a second study, we compare the HoloBar to two alternatives, including the standard HoloLens menu. Results show that the HoloBar shortens each step of a multi-level menu interaction (menu activation, top-level item selection, second-level item selection and validation), with a high success rate. A follow-up study confirms that these results remain valid when compared with the two validation mechanisms of HoloLens (Air-Tap and clicker). CCS CONCEPTS •Human-centered computing~Human computer interaction (HCI)~Interaction paradigms~Mixed / augmented reality; Gestural input.
doi:10.1145/3411764.3445255 fatcat:zppzygtoejga3mskpks4tr3b3y