Cavitation phenomena occurring due to interaction of shear layer vortices with the trailing corner of a two-dimensional open cavity

Xiaofeng Liu, Joseph Katz
2008 Physics of Fluids  
The onset of cavitation in a high Reynolds number, two-dimensional open cavity shear flow occurs on top of the cavity trailing edge, well before it appears in the shear layer. However, the cavitation there disappears periodically, even at pressures that are much lower than inception level and when cavitation expands to the shear layer upstream. The primary cause for this phenomenon is periodic elimination of the pressure minimum on top of the corner due to flow induced by shear layer vortices
more » ... ar layer vortices arriving to the trailing edge of the cavity. Both the location of and conditions for cavitation inception agree with measured mean and fluctuating pressures performed using a novel technique for determining instantaneous spatial pressure distributions.
doi:10.1063/1.2897320 fatcat:mrbrerw4qbhwzi5s6bofa7wjhe