Improvement of methods for evaluating the spacecraft pressure wall penetration probability
Совершенствование методики оценки вероятности пробоя стенок конструкции космических аппаратов

Б.Т. Добрица, Д.Б. Добрица, Б.Ю. Ященко
2017 Engineering Journal Science and Innovation  
Revision Date Ch. Change(s) Contributor 4.0 rev.1 13.3.2006 Issue of ver. 4.0 F. Schäfer 4.0 rev. 1 13.3.2006 1 added Chapter 1.1 about IADC PWG and PM updated Chapter 1.2 (Background) moved Chapter 2.7 (Observed effects on S/C) to Chapter 1.3 F. Schäfer, D. Nölke 4.0 rev.1 13.3.2006 2.3 Chinese Risk Assessment Tool MODAOST added (subsection added and first data included) MDPANTO subsection updated (contact, models and BLEs) D. Nölke 4.0 rev.1 13.3.2006 2.4 Column for MODAOST added in benchmark
more » ... tables (cube, sphere, simple space station) and inclusion of first benchmarks for NASA91, ORDEM2000 and meteoroid environment MDPANTO benchmarks for first two test modes with ORDEM2000 updated (cube, sphere, simple space station) D. Nölke 4.0 rev.1 05.7.2007 2.4 Update of MODAOST benchmarks D. Nölke 4.0 rev.1 23.7.2007 2.3 MDPANTO subsection updated D. Nölke 4.0 rev.2 1.4.2008 3 Updated chapter 3 D. Nölke 4.0 rev.3 1.4.2008 Completed ver. 4.0 Updated Bumper code meteoroid results for sphere, cube and space station (to reflect constant meteoroid density of 1.0g/cm 3 as required by the calibration case) E. Christiansen 4.0 rev. 4 15.6.2008 Revision Date Ch. Change(s) Contributor 5.0 rev. 1 20.09.2010 3 Format corrections Captions added to figure 3.1-16 and table 3.1-8 Removed empty section "3.1.3 MLI" and subsections " Combination with Single Wall Structures", " Combination with Double Wall Structures" and " Combination with other Concepts" J. Hyde 5.0 rev. 2 14.04.2011 2.3.3 2.3.4 3.1.4 ESABASE2 v3.0 update (IT28-1-1) COLLO update (IT28-1-2) Temp effects on BLEs (IT28-1-9) A. Francesconi S. Meshcheryakov F. Schäfer 5.0 rev. 3 17.04.2012 Cover intro 1 2 4 7 Updated IADC logo Removed "preliminary note" on pg.2 Updated agency list Added 2.3.9 TURANDOT (IT28-1-3) Added 2.7 Impact Risk Analysis of Unmanned Spacecraft (IT28-1-7) Updated Fig. 4.3-1, -2, -3 (IT28-1-4) Added Table 4.3-2 (IT28-1-4) Added Chapter 7 "MDPS Optimization" (IT28-1-8)
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