Manzura Iskhakovna Pulatova, Bukhara Engineering - Technological Institute of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Zilola Khamroeva
2020 Scientific Reports of Bukhara State University  
Background. The article discusses the problems of introducing optional classes into the secondary school — a fundamentally new mass form of education, examines the methods and techniques of teaching and their appropriate use in optional classes. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the choice of students in elective classes is based on the principle of voluntariness. Methods. The article expresses the importance of focusing mathematical electives on the development of teaching
more » ... ods for topics and sections of mathematics that are included in high school programs. Results. 1. It should be noted that the students of mathematical electives themselves prefer creative forms and methods of teaching and strive not to be passive listeners. 2. Characterizing the whole complex of teaching methods used in elective classes in mathematics, it should be noted that in the proper sense of the word teaching methods are used here the same as in teaching the basic course of mathematics. 3. In the general course of mathematics, the teaching method is used only fragmentarily, the essence of which lies in the independent disclosure of new content by students with the unobtrusive help of the teacher. Conclusion. What is described in this article should not be understood as a decisive rejection of lectures in general. On the contrary, under certain conditions, a lecture method of presentation (say, a survey lecture on a complex problem) can be useful.
doi:10.52297/2181-1466/2020/4/5/12 fatcat:gg3ypx4sanakbkl3atmiuac3q4