A multiple input data acquisition system using a small on-line computer [report]

G. Krueger, G. Dimmler
A Multiple Input Data Acquisition S y s t e m Using a S m a l l On-Line Computer A Display S y s t e m f o r Use with a n On-Line Computer G. K r ü g e r and G. D i m m l e r Juli 1964 The data from several independent multiparameter experiments atthe I(ar1sruhe FR2 reactor are simultaneously recorded byan on-line computer system. The system involves: remote control and buffer stations on each experiment, data communication lines for parallel data transfer from each individual experiment to the
more » ... computer, a multiplexer unit, involving a 4 X 24-bit buffer store, a computer Control Data 160-A with 8K memory, two magnetic tape units, and a specially designed display system. All operations are governed by one control program. After transferring the input data from the buffer store to the computer memory, they are checked and reduced using different data handling routines for each experiment. Finally the information is storedonto magnetic tape or directly accumulated in the core storage. Design and performance of the whole system are discussed.
doi:10.5445/ir/270001023 fatcat:qad3fhnqtve35arxfvdlud6kum