Achieving effective keyword ranked search by using TF-IDF and cosine similarity

M Pradeepa, V Mohanraj
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
Recent advancement in day to day life accumulates more data in database hence database grew larger and complex since the number of entities is more and searching through the database is also becoming complex. The users are interested in gathering most relevant information by querying the database initially, by using Structured Query Language (SQL), but this can be done only by the SQL experts. So keyword search is becoming emerging field in the research area whereon prior knowledge is not
more » ... about the schema and also query language and also reduces the search time. Producing top answers that are highly relevant to the user's query is a great challenge. In this paper various related works of mining methodology using keyword are described. The survey also discuss about the preprocessing stage, query generation stage, recommendation stage for each techniques. Further, the pros and cons of each method is discussed in detailed manner. In this paper, a novel indexing and TF-IDF framework are used in preprocessing and recommendation stage respectively to get the answers related to the users query.