Effect of B2O3 on Slag-Metal Reaction between CaO-Al2O3-Based Mold Flux and High Aluminum Steel

Jiangling Li, Bowen Kong, Lijun Jiang, Dezhao Jia, Shan Ren, Jian Yang, Qingcai Liu, Qifeng Shu, Kuochih Chou
2018 High Temperature Materials and Processes  
The effect of B2O3 on slag-metal reaction between CaO-Al2O3-based mold flux and high aluminum steel was investigated. The results showed that the addition of 5 % B2O3, the slag-metal reaction hardly occurred. When the content of B2O3 was increased, the reaction rate increased rapidly. This indicated if only considering the slag-metal reaction, it's better for high aluminum steel casting if the addition content of B2O3 is less than 5%. The chemical reaction was greatly influenced by the reaction
more » ... time. With higher content of aluminum ([Al]=0.1 %), the early stage of reaction was greatly affected by the reaction time, and furtherly, the influence was decreased. When the aluminum content was increased, the effect of [Al] on the slag-metal reaction was comparatively small in the initial 10 min, and the content of [B] was increased slightly. But when the reaction time increased to 1 hour, the slag-metal reaction acutely occurred, and the content of [B] increased rapidly.
doi:10.1515/htmp-2017-0119 fatcat:s227crm4vbbatfstyvurzohyia