New aspects Concerning Dynamics of Rigid Solid Body in Plane-Parallel Motion Subjected to Real Constraints. Part Two

Vladimir Dragoş Tătaru, Mircea Bogdan Tătaru
2019 Revista Academiei Forţelor Terestre  
The paper presents a numerical method of dynamic analysis of a wheel that moves along an inclined plane under the action of a motor torque. The wheel is regarded as a rigid solid body in plane motion that rolls and in the same time slides along a surface which is inclined relative to the horizontal with a certain angle of known value. Therefore, the wheel may be considered as a solid rigid body having two degrees of freedom. The movement of the wheel takes place under the action of a motor
more » ... e, active forces and link forces that are unknown. For this reason, link forces must be removed from the differential equations describing the movement of the wheel. The paper also presents a method of removing the link forces from the differential equations of motion.
doi:10.2478/raft-2019-0030 fatcat:lv7shrfzpjc5pgl66vk3popksi