Duck Feather/Nonwoven Composite Fabrics for Removing Metals Present in Textile Dyeing Effluents

Xiangyu Jin, Lu Lu, Haibo Wu, Qinfei Ke, Hong Wang
2013 Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics  
In this paper, duck feather fiber was treated by alkaline solution first, then its Cu 2+ sorption capacity was tested, and the sorption mechanism was studied by utilizing infrared spectrum (FTIR) and wide-angle X-ray diffraction (XRD). Moreover, desorption properties of the treated duck feather fiber were investigated in order to exploit it as a recycled industrial effluent treatment material. Finally, the duck feather fiber was air-laid and thermal-bonded into a composite nonwoven fabric by
more » ... ing bicomponent low melt PE/PP binder fiber.. It was found that the alkaline treated duck feather/bicomponent PE/PP nonwoven fabrics exhibit good mechanical properties and Cu 2+ and Cr 6+ sorption capacity is a promising material for textile dyeing effluent treatment.
doi:10.1177/155892501300800311 fatcat:pds2vtws3rgclhzgrbmk6nmvo4