The measurement of W-charge asymmetry at 13 TeV with the CMS detector

Vladyslav Danilov, Elisabetta Gallo-Voss, Katarzyna Wichmann
In pp collisions at the LHC, rates of ud ̄ annihilation dominate over du ̄. Consequently, W+ boson production prevails over W− , which results in an effect called W charge asymmetry, A. The analysis is based on the data sample corresponding to integrated luminosity of 2.3 inversed femtobarns recorded by the CMS detector over the year 2015. The events with W bosons decaying via muon channel were selected. Signal extraction and background determination was performed using template fits to missing
more » ... transverse energy distributions. The differential cross sections were used to calculate the W asymmetry in bins of rapidity,A(η). The presented measurement is sensitive to u/d ratio and the sea quark densities in the proton and is used in global QCD analysis to determine parton density function. Speakers
doi:10.3204/pubdb-2018-01716 fatcat:s3fnv42l2ng2bncnszlz2mu6gi