Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy with Adjunct Immunohistochemistry in Intraocular Tumor Management

Beverly E. Faulkner-Jones, William J. Foster, William Harbour, Morton E. Smith, Rosa M. Dávila
2005 Acta Cytologica  
This series showed FNAB to be a safe and efficient means of obtaining a tissue diagnosis of intraocular tumors. Objective '/;1 IIssess the effectiveness offine needle aspiration biopsy (FN.•I8), with ami without immunohistochemistry (lHC), ill tb" 7I1f/nClgC7I!£'lIt ofsolid intraowlar tU7n01•S. Study Design 'f'hh"ty-tbrt•(' consemtiv/' Ildult.\" u/u/e1"goiJljf, FNAB of .\'l1.\"/lt'f("d iJI (rrlOculm' tumors 1I'l'n'studid. Clinical, cytologic Il1Itl bi.\•(ologic diagnoses l'/'rt' 1'()l7•"Iatet!.
more » ... rt' 1'()l7•"Iatet!. The positive /,1'"dit'! i,'1' ""Iue, sensitivity I/lId ."{>l'cU;ci(Y (~r FNAB jilr dt'(fctill,ff, 1J/1/!ig;//ll1lcy, tbe ef-.fCyt of III (.. 01/ (he final cytolojf,ic diagnosis and the number (~rpllti('1/(s ill 'l1.'bo1l1 clinical 1'lUmltjf,ement was altered a.1" a 1'('.1'II1( o{I-y(ologic ('v,tllIIltion we?'e dete17uined. Results 'I1./c' positiv" predictive value was 96 % with and 93% without adjunct IHC. The sensitivity and specificity of FNAB for detecting malignancy were 96% and 83%, respectively, with IHC. Without IHC, the sensitivity was unaltered, but the specificity was 67%. IRe confirmed the morphologic diagnosis in 75% ofcases, made a diagnosis in 12.5% and changed a malignant diagnosisfrom carcinoma to melanoma in 6% of cases. The planned management was changed by the FNAB findings in 24% of patients. In 3 patients (9%), IRC was essential for diagnosis and management. No patients exhibited local tumor dissemination or recurrence associated with the biopsy. Conclusion FNAB is a safe, sensitive and specific method ofestablishing a tissue diagnosis in a subset ofpatients with solid intraocular tumors. The routine use ofimmunohistochemical stain-297 ACTA CYTOLOGICA
doi:10.1159/000326153 pmid:15966293 fatcat:7gy7yvc2dvconhpw3j2fcwbku4