Effect of Heat and Mass Transfer on Unsteady MHD Oscillatory Flow of Jeffrey Fluid in a Horizontal Channel with Chemical Reaction

2013 IOSR Journal of Mathematics  
The effect of heat transfer on unsteady MHD oscillatory flow of Jeffrey fluid in a horizontal channel with chemical reaction has been studied. The temperature prescribed at plates is uniform and asymmetric. A perturbation method is employed to solve the momentum and energy equations. The skin frictions, the Nusselt numbers and Sherwood are evaluated using perturbation technique. The effects of various dimensionless parameters on velocity and temperature profiles are considered and discussed in
more » ... d and discussed in details through graphs and tables. It is found that, the velocity u increases with increase in Gr, Gc, N and Re. The velocity also increases with decrease in λ 1 ,Ha, Sc and ω. The velocity only decreases with increase in Pe. It is also observed that the temperature θ decreases with increase in N, Re and ω. Decrease in Schmidt number Sc, chemical parameter Kc and frequency of oscillation ω increase the species concentration or the concentration boundary layer thickness of the flow field.
doi:10.9790/5728-0857487 fatcat:ygirdbznhveolcnltjuau6wz3u