Anisotropic character of atoms in a two-dimensional Frenkel—Kontorova model

Cang-Long Wang, Wen-Shan Duan, Jian-Min Chen, Yu-Ren Shi
2011 Chinese Physics B  
The dynamics of a certain density of interacting atoms arranged on a two-dimensional square lattice, which is made to slide over a two-dimensional periodic substrate potential with also the quare lattice symmetry, in the presence of dissipation, by an externally applied driving force, is studied. By rotating the misfit angle θ, the dynamical behaviour displays two different tribological regimes: one is smooth, the other becomes intermittent. We comment both on the nature of the atomic dynamics
more » ... he atomic dynamics in the locked-to-sliding transition, and on the dynamical states displayed during the atom motion at different values of the driving force. In tribological applications, we also investigate how the main model parameters such as the stiffness strength and the magnitude of the adhesive force affect the static friction of the system. In particular, our simulation indicates that the superlubricity will appear.
doi:10.1088/1674-1056/20/1/014601 fatcat:qn4zkpf26vhclhpocmqlpfmyh4