The Future of Latin America in the Global Economy: An Interview with Fernando Henrique Cardoso [chapter]

Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Humberto Campodónico
Alternative Pathways to Sustainable Development: Lessons from Latin America  
Fernando Henrique Cardoso is a former two-term President and Minister of Finance of Brazil. A distinguished scholar, Dr Cardoso has written over 40 books, with his 1969 contribution to 'dependency theory' among his most well-known. In this interview with guest editor Humberto Campodónico, President Cardoso discusses the evolution of development theories in Latin America, offers his views on recent growth and challenges in the region, and provides insights regarding the future of Latin America's
more » ... engagement in the global economy. ⸪ The global economic landscape has changed radically since you wrote your first book in the late 1960s. How has this affected the evolution of dependency theory? In particular, how do you perceive the impact of the rise of China and the other brics in terms of structural changes that affect economic power and hegemony relations globally? What Enzo Faletto and I tried to describe and conceptualise in our 1969 book (published in English in 1979) could be considered a preliminary attempt to understand the consequences of 'globalisation' .1 When we wrote the book,
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