Miroslava Šutvajová, Kristína Buľáková, Peter Bartík, Anna Lesňáková, Zuzana Hudáková
2020 Proceedings of CBU in Medicine and Pharmacy  
The foot forms the natural base of the human body bearing all its weight. Over the course of a person's life, the foot ensures the contact of the body with the terrain and creates the basic support during dynamic activities such as walking or running, especially on uneven terrain. (Véle, 2006) Objectives: The aim of the research was to verify the effects of targeted corrective exercises on healthy foot development in preschool children. Methods: The research was conducted from September 2018 to
more » ... m September 2018 to March 2019. The research sample consisted of 105 probands (59 preschool girls and 46 preschool boys), out of whom 7.62% had the physiological position of the arch on the right foot during baseline measurements. The average age of probands was 5 years. The measured parameters were the foot arch height without and with a load. Measurements were taken before and after rehabilitation intervention. Results: The statistical analysis of the results confirmed the positive effect of rehabilitation treatment in all monitored variables on statistically significant diference in terms of an elevation in the foot arch (p <0.005) and the influence of risk factors contributing to the development of researched foot deformities. The obtained data were processed into tables and graphs and subsequently evaluated. Conclusion: Our study has shown that the most effective is the active exercise strengthening. The affected muscles maintain the foot arch as well as the whole posture.
doi:10.12955/pmp.v1.107 fatcat:ob7a7zq3vjfbbbtjokp5uum5j4