Optimization and Fine-Tuning of DenseNet model for classification of Covid-19 cases in Medical Imaging

Tavishee Chauhan, Hemant Palivela, Sarveshmani Tiwari
2021 International Journal of Information Management Data Insights  
conquered the entire world with its rapid progression. But seeking the importance towards the human situation, it has become essential to build such an automated model to diagnose COVID-19 within less computational time easily. As the disease has spread, there is not enough data to implement an accurate COVID-19 predicting model. But technology is a boon, which makes it possible. Effective techniques based on medical imaging using artificial intelligence have approached to assist humans in
more » ... ul time. It has become very essential to detect COVID-19 in humans at an early stage to prevent it from becoming more infectious. The neural networks have shown promising results in medical imaging. In this research, a deep learning-based approach is used for image classification to detect COVID-19 using chest X-ray images (CXR). A CNN classifier have been used to classify the normal-healthy images from the COVID-19 images, using transfer learning. The concept of early stopping is used to enhance the accuracy of the proposed DenseNet model. The results of the system have been evaluated using accuracy, precision, recall and F1-score metrics. An automated comparative analysis among multiple optimizers, LR Scheduler and Loss Function is performed to get the highest accuracy suitable for the proposed system. The Adamax optimizer with Cross Entropy loss function and StepLR scheduler have outperformed with 98.45% accuracy for normal-healthy CXR images and 98.32% accuracy for COVID-19 images.
doi:10.1016/j.jjimei.2021.100020 fatcat:wcxwo67mgjar7cnly6k57kadqe