Low cost patient infotainment terminals by Free Willy (™) of Vayu Vaidya

anil kumar dr bheemaiah
2020 Zenodo  
Abstract: We describe low cost Windows 10 based Infotainment Terminals for CDS and Infotainment end uses, using free refurbished hardware and inexpensive stick PCs, running Windows 10. These infotainment terminals are browser based and use the SchizoOS developed at Vayu Vaidya, and cost less than $15 each. A clinical trial of one such terminal with a population of 100 or more users with usability feedback, constitutes future work. This terminal is developed with an end use in rural medicine and
more » ... in developing or underdeveloped nations, and third world communities. Keywords: Windows 10 IoT, SchizoOS, low cost computing, stick PCs, Infotainment Terminals, Amazon Alexa. What: SchizoOS is a browser OS written in JS, developed for a low cost Windows 10 based stick PC, to be used with low cost or complementary refurbished monitors to make patient infotainment systems for the developing and third world countries. How: Inexpensive USB stick hardware is integrated with Raspberry Pi W Zero hardware to create an inexpensive stick PC, running Windows 10 IoT for ARM architectures with an edge/chromium browser based OS called SchizoOS. This OS has conversation search, bot based search and Alexa skills for a variety of Infotainment services. Why: Studies have shown the reduction in in- patient admission and hospitalization periods in major ailments with patient infotainment systems, coupled with transparency in prognosis, decision support, on demand telemedicine, second opinions and easy access to patient records and CDS support to the medical community. Applications: Patient Infotainment Terminals. Code Base:Vayu Vaidya SchizoOS.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3834757 fatcat:lry5bcklizg53px35jrtkonwxe