Emanullah Han Döneminde (1919-1929) Afganistan'da Aile Hukukunun Kanunlaştırılması

Zafar Ahmad QARIZADA
2022 Toplum Bilimleri Dergisi  
This study discusses the laws enacted on family law during the reign of Amanullah Khan (1919Khan ( -1929)). Amanullah Khan put his seal on some reforms in social, economic, and cultural domains when he came to the throne in 1919. At the forefront of these reforms are the compilation of regulations (Nezāmnāme's) and the act of enactment. In 1920, a law in accordance with the sectarian rules was enacted under the name of Nezāmnāma-e Nekāh on family law. However, a modern law was enacted on family
more » ... in 1921 with the help of Djemal Pasha and Badri Beg by inspiring from Turkey's modernization movement and the ideas of Muhammad Abduh. Due to the prohibition of underage marriage in this law and the existence of some conditions that made polygamy difficult, it brought along objections and riots throughout the country. To reduce the social reaction, Amanullah Khan convened the assembly under the name of Loya Jirga in 1924 and abandoned his reforms. In 1928, Amanullah Khan, who was affected by the development of European countries, invited the leaders of the society to a big meeting and presented some reform proposals in social and cultural fields, especially family law. However, these proposals of Amanullah Khan were rejected by the leaders who attended the meeting, but he considered himself as a revolutionary leader and declared the reforms he wanted to make. There were social uprisings against these reforms that provoked the society, and Amanullah Khan stated that he gave up on all the reforms announced, including family law, to stop these uprisings. However, he could not convince anyone and the latest reforms he announced caused the collapse of Amanullah Khan's power.
doi:10.29228/tbd.2007.61933 fatcat:rwb7gswmevhqzjertwkdbxiprm