Interstate Commerce Commision, Report of the Accident Investigation Occuring on the DENVER AND RIO GRANDE WESTERN RAILROAD COMPANY, DENVER, CO

Western Railroad Company (D&RGW) switch crew was switching 17 cars in the D&RGW's North Yard at Denver, Colorado, when a coupler broke on the 4th ear, leading to an undetected separation of 150 feet between the 3rd and 4th cars. The engineer, responding to a hand lamp signal from the foreman, accelerated the locomotive, with a caboose, an empty freight car, and a loaded tank car coupled ahead. The loaded tank car impacted a fourth car at a speed of about 10-12 mph. Upon impact, the end sill of
more » ... he fourth car (empty boxcar) rode over the coupler of the (loaded tank car) and punctured the tank head. Nitric acid spilled from the car and formed a vapor cloud which dispersed over the area. As a result, 9,000 persons were evacuated from the area; 34 were injured. Damage to railroad property was estimated to be about $341,000.
doi:10.21949/1510234 fatcat:hbx5medb5vbedjctv6ieh5csru