Design, Manufacture and Testing of Shell and Tube type Heat Exchanger using Nanofluid

Vaibhav, Lokhande, Mayuresh Khedekar, Amol Bahirat, Nikhil Chamachi
2017 International Engineering Research Journal   unpublished
ARTICLE INFO Cooling is indispensable for maintaining the desired performance and reliability very huge variety of product like car, computer, high power laser system. Whenever there is a increase the heat load and heat fluxes caused by more power and smaller size for these product cooling is one of the technical challenge faced by the industries like as microelectronics, transportation, manufacturing. There are many single-phase liquid cooling techniques such as micro channel heat sink and
more » ... phase liquid cooling technology like heat pipes, thermosyphones, direct immersion cooling and spray cooling. Development of the nano materials technology has made it possible to structure a new type of heat transfer fluid formed by suspending nanoparticles (dia. < 100 nm).In conventional base fluid like water and ethylene glycol choi coined the term NANO FLUID to refer the thermal properties superior to those of their base fluids. Due to rapid fluid mixing effects strengthens the energy transport inside the nano fluids by modifying the temperature profiles. Experimental data indicates that particle size, volume fraction and properties of the nanoparticles influence the heat transfer characteristics of nano fluids. This paper shows the research work on Mini heat exchanger using Al2O3-Water Based nano fluid.