Association of physiologic responses to metabolic changes in exhaustive physical exercise
Asociación de las respuestas fisiológicas a los cambios metabólicos, en el ejercicio físico extenuante

Jorge Sánchez-González, Antonio Rivera-Cisneros, J Luz Tovar
Cirugía y Cirujanos  
The purpose of this work was to identify changes in some hematic variables in recreational athletes of middle level competition exposed to exhaustive physical exercise, as well as the association among physiologic changes, personal characteristics, and physical level produced by marathon running. Ten healthy males participated (20-55 years of age). Blood cell count, blood chemistry, lipids, and enzymes were determined. Exercise produced hemoconcentration by reduction in plasma volume (8%;
more » ... ). There was significant increment in leukocytes (149%) by neutrophilia (64%) and decrease in lymphocytes (74%). Fibrinogen increased 10.7% (p<0.05). Lipids (CT, C-HDL) did not modify, except C-LDL, which increased significantly (71%), attributing this response to stress of the marathon. Triglyceride decreased 47%. Enzymes increased significantly, particularly CK. Age and physical activity were related with physiologic and metabolic variables, as demonstrated by multivariate analysis. These data contributed to new knowledge in physiologic responses of our ethnic race when exposed to exhaustive exercise such as a marathon. To these results new approaches of risk and different schedules of intervention programs could be generated for better and effective practice of physical exercise in our population.
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