Mechanochemical Preparation of Magnetically Separable Fe and Cu-Based Bimetallic Nanocatalysts for Vanillin Production

Paulette Gómez-López, Claudia Espro, Daily Rodríguez-Padrón, Alina M. Balu, Francisco Ivars-Barceló, Olvido Irrazábal Moreda, Clemente G. Alvarado-Beltrán, Rafael Luque
2021 Nanomaterials  
A highly sustainable method for the preparation of supported iron oxide and copper nanoparticles (NPs) on a biomass-derived carbon by solvent-free mechanochemical process is reported. In-situ mechanochemically obtained extracts from orange peel could behave as a green reducing agent, allowing the formation of Cu metal nanoparticles as well as generating a magnetic phase (magnetite) in the systems via partial Fe3+ reduction. At the same time, orange peel residues also served as template and
more » ... n source, adding oxygen functionalities, which were found to benefit the catalytic performance of mechanochemically synthesized nanomaterials. The series of magnetic Cu-Fe@OP were tested in the oxidation of trans-ferulic acid towards vanillin, remarkably revealing a maximum vanillin yield of 82% for the sample treated at 200 °C.
doi:10.3390/nano11041050 pmid:33923957 fatcat:y5sujfy2fbdelfldbds7f52jza