Fine Biocompatible Powders Synthesized from Calcium Lactate and Ammonium Sulfate

Maksim Kaimonov, Tatiana Shatalova, Yaroslav Filippov, Tatiana Safronova
2021 Ceramics  
Fine biocompatible powders with different phase compositions were obtained from a 0.5 M solution of ammonium sulfate (NH4)2SO4 and calcium lactate Ca(C3H5O3)2. The powder after synthesis and drying at 40 °C included calcium sulfate dehydrate CaSO4·2H2O and calcite CaCO3. The powder after heat treatment at 350 °C included β-hemihydrate calcium sulfate β-CaSO4·0.5H2O, γ-anhydrite calcium sulfate γ-CaSO4 and calcite CaCO3. The phase composition of powder heat-treated at 600 °C was presented as
more » ... hydrate calcium sulfate β-CaSO4 and calcite CaCO3. Increasing the temperature up to 800 °C leads to the sintering of a calcium sulfate powder consisting of β-anhydrite calcium sulfate β-CaSO4 main phase and a tiny amount of calcium oxide CaO. The obtained fine biocompatible powders of calcium sulfate both after synthesis and after heat treatment at temperature not above 600 °C can be recommended as a filler for producing unique composites with inorganic (glass, ceramic, cement) or polymer matrices.
doi:10.3390/ceramics4030028 fatcat:i6inivwzsbg55bruxpa4vmb7zq