Comparative Visual Analysis of 2D Function Ensembles

H. Piringer, S. Pajer, W. Berger, H. Teichmann
2012 Computer graphics forum (Print)  
In the development process of powertrain systems, 2D function ensembles frequently occur in the context of multirun simulations. An analysis has many facets, including distributions of extracted features, comparisons between ensemble members and target functions, and details-on-demand. The primary contribution of this paper is a design study of an interactive approach for a comparative visual analysis of 2D function ensembles. The design focuses on a tight integration of domain-oriented and
more » ... er-oriented visualization techniques, and it seeks to preserve the mental model of 2D functions on multiple levels of detail. In this context, we propose a novel focus+context approach for visualizations relying on data-driven placement which is based on labeling. We also extend work on feature-preserving downsampling of 2D functions. Our design supports a comparison of 2D functions based on juxtaposition, overlay, and explicit differences. It also enables an analysis in terms of extracted scalar features and 1D aggregations. An evaluation illustrates a workflow in our application context. User feedback indicates a time saving of 70% for common tasks and a qualitative gain for the entire development process.
doi:10.1111/j.1467-8659.2012.03112.x fatcat:r3k2kagmxnedrhrod4j5kkdhym