Identification and study of the relationship between factors and dimensions affecting the security of developed information systems using service-oriented architecture

Mandana izadi, Mohammad reza taghva
2014 Iranian Journal of Information Processing & Management  
Certain advantages of service-oriented architecture have led to the spread of this type of architecture around the world. However, some special features of this type of architecture have led to more compromise between the security in the information system and other information systems. The purpose of this paper is to identify and examine the impact of factors and dimensions of the information security system that has developed by using service-oriented architecture. In this study, the
more » ... ry and confirmatory factor analyses have been used to identify overt and covert variables. Then, a structured equation model and AMOS software have been used. Finally, the effect of each security dimension of security service-oriented architecture was specified by using the structural equation model. The results indicate that network-level security, web services and message-level security have a significant positive impact on service-oriented architecture. The software output is indicative of the fact that the structured model is fit.
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