Role of Oxidative Stress Response and Trehalose Accumulation in the Longevity of Fission Yeast

Bedia Palabiyik, Farinaz Jafari Ghods
2015 Jundishapur Journal of Microbiology  
Glucose is the preferred carbon and energy source in most organisms and plays an active role in the regulation of many biological processes. However, an excess of glucose leads to such undesirable conditions as diabetes and age-related diseases. Since Schizosaccharomyces pombe homologous of many human genes, it offers several advantages for the investigation of the molecular mechanisms underlying human disease and aging studies. We have identified two glucose-repression-resistant mutants (ird5
more » ... tant mutants (ird5 and ird11) of S. pombe. Objectives: We aimed to investigate the possible relationship between lifespan extension and oxidative stress response induced by exposure to hydrogen peroxide alongside the trehalose accumulation level by using the two S. pombe mutants (i.e. ird5 and ird11), which are repressed by glucose and are resistant to oxidative stress. Materials and Methods: We employed trehalose accumulation measurement and colony-forming unit (CFU) counting using the ird mutants in exponential and stationary phases and compared them to the wild type grown in repressed, de-repressed, and stressed conditions to clarify the possible relationship between glucose signaling, oxidative stress response, and lifespan in S. pombe. Results: The lifespan of the ird5 mutant was significantly longer that of either the ird11 mutant or the wild type cells. Under repressed condition, the trehalose content was increased remarkably on the 3rd day of the study in the ird11 mutant and the wild type. Under de-repressed condition, the level of intracellular trehalose was notably increased on the 3rd day in ird11. Under stressed condition, the trehalose level in ird11 was increased on the 3rd day as a pattern similar to that observed in the wild type. Conclusions: Our results demonstrated no significant correlation between the ird5 lifespan and the trehalose concentration. Likewise, the correlation between lifespan extension, trehalose accumulation, and cellular resistance to hydrogen peroxide was not significant.
doi:10.5812/jjm.8(5)2015.16851 fatcat:f3nxxgil2bhkpkbyfrfpuyczwi