The perturbations of G 96-45 and G 146-72

A. L. Behall, R. S. Harrington
1976 Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific  
Each of the star systems, G96-45 and G146-72, has a Keplerian perturbation. G96-45 has a photocentric semimajor axis of 0'.'04, a period of 7.2 years, and, with an adopted mass of 0.270 for the primary, the mass of the unseen companion is in the range of 0.10Ö to 0.160. G146-72 has a photocentric semimajor axis of 0 "03, a period of 6.7 years, and masses of 0.350 (adopted) for the primary and possibly 0.160 for the unseen companion.
doi:10.1086/129927 fatcat:dojamr5narfr7lycpsw7havxrm