Pulse width modulated control of robotic manipulators

1993 International Journal of Systems Science  
A b s tr a c t In this paper we propose a practical discontinuous feedback control scheme for the regulation of joint positions of robotic manipulators. A robust on-off switching control strategy based on a pulse-width-modulation (PWM) feedback scheme is proposed for the joint torques. The discontinuous PWM controller design is carried out on the basis of a suitable controller designed for an average model which is of continuous nature. Simulations of the closed loop performance of the proposed
more » ... control scheme are presented for a two-link robotic manipulator. K ey w o rd s: Pulse-Width-Modulation, Robotic Manipulators, Nonlinear Systems, Vari able Structure Systems. P re fe rre d M ailin g A d d re ss: Professor Shaheen Ahmad, Purdue University, School of Electrical Engineering, West Lafayette, IN 47907-0501
doi:10.1080/00207729308949572 fatcat:pwgctlcq5fd7fl5lpbkeocqmti