Investigation of Eutrophication State of Manzala and Burullus Lakes in Egypt by Using Remote Sensing and GIS

Y El-Amier, A Elnaggar, M El-Alfy
2016 Journal of Environmental Science and Pollution Research   unpublished
Eutrophication causes many problems for aquatic organisms as it makes water degrade. This research, focused only on three parameters, which are: chlorophyll "a", phosphate and nitrate in the evaluation of the eutrophication state in both Manzala and Burullus lakes. Trophic state index (TSI) was also calculated in this work and it was used in the lake ranking according to the eutrophication state throughout both lakes. Satellite data and GIS techniques were used in the classification and mapping
more » ... ication and mapping the trophic state. The obtained results indicated that the TSI in Manzala Lake varied from mildly eutrophic in the northern parts of the lake to eutrophic and hyper-eutrophic in the southern parts. On the other hand, Burullus Lake ranged between oligotrophic nearby El-Boughaz and hyper-eutrophic at the outlets of drains. The results also revealed that the southern parts in both lakes were enriched with nutrients that are considered as the most important limiting factors for phyto-organisms growth. The N/P ratio indicated that P was the limiting factor nearby El-Boughaz area. However, N was the limiting factor in the southern parts close to drains, which dump both agricultural and sewer waste waters into the lakes. Accordingly, it is recommended to treat wastewater before being dumped into the studied lakes to protect the aquatic environment and sustain biodiversity in these lakes.