Türkçe Öğretmeni Adaylarının Dijital Pedagojik Yeterliliklerinin Çeşitli Değişke

Yasemin BAKİ
2017 Turkish Studies  
The first step to increase the productivity and quality on the education-training process depends on growing the teachers having vision and being decorated with qualifications required by the era. These qualifications are directly proportional with the education that preservice teachers have gotten in their application schools and faculties (Demircioğlu, 2008) .In this context, It requires to going a structural change decorated with method and techniques that education faculties can develop
more » ... ies can develop their digital pedagogic qualification covering information technologies usage (Akpınar, 2003). Digital era provides many digital opportunities such as smart boards on forming information and presentation, research motors, computerised presentation and software, multimedia vehicles, internet, website, discussion and chat blogs, Wikipedia, (Shalom and Nır-Sagiv, 2007). While access to information by technology and the differentiation that it has revealed human abilities increase the usage of these abilities on the students' daily lives, education institutions take the inabilities on this issue to a process called "digital inconsistency" for not be able to combining education with life (Atal and Usluel, 2011). "In the report named "Standards for 21. Century Student" issued by "21. Century Skills Partnership Organization" in order to combine education with technology, it aims at using information and communication technology devices in education by equipping the education system and all combinations in this system with suitable skills with contemporary conditions (AASL, 2009; Partnership for 21st Century Skills, 2003).For this purpose, within the context of technological changes being at the top of the agenda by The Movement of Enhancing Opportunities in Education and Improving Technology (FATİH) Project, todays' students are intended to be equipped with the methods and techniques decorated with information Technologies being suitable to their qualifications. In this context, it is aimed to create learning-teaching environments where information technologies are used effectively in education program (Kamacı and Durukan, 2012) .This structure being emerged by supporting the connection between individual and information called Pedagogy 2.0 with technology provides many skills' transformation. As these digital devices are in every field of human lives, they take basic language skills such as reading, writing and comprehension being the basic skills of education system to a new process by combining 21. Century skills. These opportunities require the transformation being compatible with the education system in order to develop language skills by structuring with the pedagogic qualifications of students. (Tüzel, 2013) . In the education and training of Turkish providing these skills to be won, determining the level that this union has reached required a special importance on the teaching of Turkish being responsible of basic language skills like reading, writing that are especially the main sources of social communication. According to the researches made, Turkish teachers and teacher candidates don't see themselves as sufficient level and this supports the requirement of using technology and its contribution to lessons (Atlı et al., 2007; Doering and Beach, 2002; Duman and Demir, 2004; Yaman and Beyreli, 2006). In this context, the skills of 21. Century requires determining the qualification related to using of technology effectively by teacher candidates on
doi:10.7827/turkishstudies.11769 fatcat:gbi2y3zwjnc4hjlxcm7nje4gui