Wetting and Marangoni Effect in Iron and Steelmaking Processes

Kusuhiro Mukai
1992 ISIJ International  
Institute of Technology, Sensui-cho, This article reviews the phenomenaby which wetting and the Marangoni effect participate or may participate in iron and steelmaking processes. The concept of wetting conventionally defined for the system of gas-liquid-solid was applied to the systems of liquid I -liquid 2-solid, Iiquid-solid I -solid 2 and gas-liquid 1-liquid 2. In these systems, Iocal corrosions of refractories at the interfaces of gas-slag and metal-slag, slag foaming, bubble dispersion
more » ... metal phase, and interaction of inclusions with solidification fronts were described in relation to the wetting and the Marangoni effect. Rates of reactions of gas-metai, and metal-slag were briefly introduced as examples of possible participation of the Marangoni effect.
doi:10.2355/isijinternational.32.19 fatcat:fo4mgsvc6fckbdtiu36djq5uza