Reversed Optical Rotation between Bispyridyl Diols and Their Dioxolanes Might Shed Explanation for the Evolution of Chirality

Zuolin Zhu, Jonathan Zhu, Shanqing Sun, Tongxing Xie
2016 International Journal of Sciences  
Chiral bis(pyridyl)ethanediols and their corresponding dioxolanes have reversed optical rotation. The observed property of these chemicals could consummate the CP-light destruction hypothesis for the appearance of pure chiral molecules for the evolution of chirality. Because bis(aryl)ethanediols are photolabile protecting groups, the diols and their corresponding dioxolanes might be potentially very small molecular switches.
doi:10.18483/ijsci.1051 fatcat:kcpa4ed6k5eg3gpy2y34ogjb5y