Design and Implementation of Control system for Magneto-rheological damper for vibration reduction in a cantilever beam like structures #1

Shital Rasal, Sharad Kshirsagar
2015 International Engineering Research Journal   unpublished
ARTICLE INFO The analysis and design of control system for Adaptive vibration for cantilever beam like structure is presented in this paper. The control system is implemented via semi-active magneto rheological (MR) damper located on the suspension that links the beam to the ground. Project study is concerned with the Single degree of freedom (SDOF) isolation system with MR fluids damper under harmonic excitation. A mathematical model of the MR fluid damper with experimental verification will
more » ... verification will be adopted. The motion characteristics of the SDOF system with the MR damper will be studied and compare with those of the system with a conventional damper. The energy dissipated and equivalent damping coefficient of the MR damper in terms of input voltage, displacement amplitude and frequency will be investigated.