ZEBを目指した都市型超高層オフィスビルの研究 (第8報) タスク&アンビエント照明と角度変化型ブラインドの視環境に関する調査
Study of the High Rise Office Building Aimed at ZEB in Urban Area (Part 8) Study on Visual Environment with Task & Ambient LED Lighting and Gradation blinds

谷口 智子, 伊藤 清, 三橋 琴, 岩田 利枝, 湊 敦, 荒井 義人
2013 Techinical Papers of Annual Meeting the Society of Heating,Air-conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan  
In order to identify visual comfort by Task & Ambient LED lighting and gradation blind, a field measurement and questionnaire survey were carried out in a high rise office building with advanced sustainable technologies. The result showed that workers were satisfied with visual environment to perform PC task and that the control of gradation blind taking account of shadow of the eave could reduce discomfort glare from the widow.
doi:10.18948/shasetaikai.2013.10.0_121 fatcat:7ex7j5ddhraltepqb5tfemmhdm